A game for all ages, Minecraft has been succesfully used by ForbesĀ® 100 companies to impress interns, present company changes and increase morale.

Join the likes of Google, Microsoft, PepsiCO with great Minecraft experiences for your team

Tried and Tested

With Minecraft registering over 200 million sales as of 2020, it is the most popular video game of all time. Made for the entire family, the game is extremely intuitive, and completely customizable.

Multiple enterprises have already leveraged the infinite potential of Minecraft to create spaces for team building, running meetings, workspace presentations, and more!

Introducing EntryRise

EntryRise has worked in the Minecraft modding space for over 8 years, watching Minecraft grow from a small indie game to the blockbuster it is today. We are experts in building custom Minecraft experiences for your team to enjoy!

Our HR Projects in action

Meet your peers with Minecraft Meetings

The 2020 pandemic has been a difficult period for everyone. Companies have had to adapt to a remote style of work, with employees now lacking the interaction that being in the office provided them. Calls in Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Team have helped keep the team connected, but the lack of dynamicity makes meetings feel staid and one-sided. Minecraft simulates the interaction at work, with employees being able to connect, brainstorm and explain ideas in a virtual workplace.

Face to Face

Minecraft characters make it simple for you to interact in-game. Follow each other in the virtual workplace, talk "Face to Face" using the voice chat, and present your ideas using blocks, laser pointers, and more!

Truly Familiar

Mimic the look & feel of your real office in Minecraft, with a 1 to 1 recreation of your building in Minecraft. Sit in front of your computer, participate to briefings, and keep your schedule the same as in your phisical workplace!


Build a joyful Christmas tree on your waiting floor. Place posters on walls to keep your employees informed on current events. Create guides to help employees get used to the game. Integrate the game with company software and tools. The sky is the limit!

Price Effective

Using Minecraft as a starting ground means 100% of the time spent is put into value adding features. No time is spent building the basic mechanics that would otherwise be required to develop a new game.

Impress Interns

Bringing talent is essential to helping your enterprise grow. Present your office, opportunities and work schedule in Minecraft, and help Interns see the value in working at your company.

  • Novel and Interesting
  • Modern yet easy to grasp
  • Eye-Catching at presentations

Make work become truly enjoyable with minigames and visual presentations.


Minecraft's voxel-based style makes your presentation stand out from the rest.

Great Performance

Minecraft can run on almost any computer released in the last 5 years.

Fast Development

We can transform your idea into reality in less than a month, from prototype to production ready


Paint a positive image of your company, and prove that you're modern!

News Ready

Grab the media's attention with something unique, and click catching.

Team Building

Have a great Friday

Relieve stress with your teammates in Minecraft. Fight some monsters, compete against your boss in-game, and prove your skill and creativity!

Wide range of minigames

Inside Minecraft

Questions and Answers

Minecraft is truly a complex game and we hope that we can answer some of your questions about leveraging the game for your business!

Minecraft's developer, Mojang, has created clear guidelines to specify what is and isn't allowed to be created in Minecraft. Luckily, the terms are extremely lenient and allow companies to build almost anything to their wishes. To keep legal informed, we have appended a copy of Mojang's EULA below.
Using Minecraft means leveraging the popularity of the most purchased game ever. It means that we do not need to start from the scratch and bill hours that do not directly translate into visible features to build the game engine. It means that you can benefit from the entire knowledgebase and modding community behind Minecraft. It means you can represent your office in a voxelized environment that's eye catching and interesting.
Over the years, Minecraft has been used by ForbesĀ® 100 companies to train employees, present features, advertise, and more. I've appended some news articles about projects built in Minecraft below. Some of these projects had direct involvement from Entryrise
Using Minecraft as a starting base means we can build complex projects quickly. Most Minecraft projects can be finished top to bottom in 1 month. From game concerts, to game representations of your workplace, to education and training projects for your team, quickly, and without hassle.
Minecraft provides multiple ways of interaction in game. For security conscious companies, this may pose a challenge. We've appended some of our solutions to keep security to the maximum, and ensure the game doesn't cause PR issues for the company
- Chat filters to ensure swearing doesn't happen
- Automatic filtering to prevent people from confidential information
- 2 Factor Authentication with OAuth, Google Authenticator and more
- Clearly defined permission system to prevent misuse.
Entryrise can run the projects either on our own systems (providing tools for you to have complete control), or provide information and guidance to your IT team to integrate it yourself.
Entryrise has worked with the top Minecraft servers in history. We have designed infrastructures capable of handling tens of thousands of players using minimal system resources, and have found ways to extend the limits of the game. With amazing customer satisfaction from our server partners, we can guarantee your project will not become hindered by the technical limitations of the game.

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