Hottr is an artificial intelligence driven system to evaluate beauty.


AI Understanding Beauty

Beauty has become a huge part of our culture and way of life. It has become a way to quickly judge people and also to form groups. It's an art and a survival skill.

Until now, it has been hard to judge a person's beauty objectively. Several factors such as race, gender and age are discriminators that make our views different.

Our solution:

Machine learning algorithms are biased, since they don't the culture or context behind what beauty is. To offset that, we are advertising HOTTR to a large amount of people from different backgrounds, races, etc to create a life-accurate grade that represents the chance to be liked by a random person walking by.

  • ??? AI Generated Images
  • ??? Human Categorized Images
How It Works

DeepLearning Image Categorisation

The future is here. With more and more innovations being done on machine learning, increasingly many companies are hopping in and seeing how they can use it. Quick, cheap and low maintenance, robots are our present friends in the digital world!